Mightier Kids Positive Poetry Contest

Mightier Kids positive poetry

As a sure way to bump up the smiles, download our Positive Poetry tiles. For every child is a natural poet. Let’s roll up your sleeves, it’s time to show it!

Contest Details:

1. Print the Mightier Poetry Word Sheet and have your kids cut out the words with scissors.

2. Spread the words loosely out on a table and create your original masterpiece.

3. Poems don’t have to rhyme and can be just about anything. Perhaps the moon, or maybe, a turtle? Kids can use the blanks to add their own words.

4. Snap a photo of the poem, upload it below and tell us about it.

5. Kids can submit as many poems as they want. Set their creativity free!

Deadline for entries: May 9th


All kids who enter will receive:

A Mightier Magnetic Poetry set for your refrigerator, full of positive words to arrange into poems.

A special new Lavaling sticker for their Lavaling sticker collection.


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